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The future of passenger automobiles



Technology has been growing at a very fast pace. In fact, it must be said that automobile technology, in particular, has been growing exponentially. These days, automobile technology is more about providing a comfortable travelling experience rather than about transportation. Already, cars have become versatile enough to allow the passengers to recline, hear audio, see a video, charge mobile phone etc. However, the pace of growth of automobile technology indicated that cars will do more than what is bargained for. Self-driving cars are all the rage now and some companies have started rolling out their intelligent cars on the streets for testing. The car aggregator UBER even allows its users to travel in such cars from one place to another.

What is the future of Automobile industry?

The automobile industry is one of the industries that envision a very bright future and it appears that Artificial intelligence would transform the way cars and motor vehicles work. The recent Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas saw several new innovations that are sure to transform the riding experience. While most of it was based on self-driving cars, some others were all about personalizing the travel experience. Cars in the future won’t just be the engine on wheels but more like a friend to the passenger. These cars are designed to personalize the driving experience and may even take control of the ride.

What is the future of Automobile industry

The cars can adjust the ambience inside them to suit the needs of the passenger, play the kind of music the passenger likes, adjust the light setting according to the passenger’s mood, help the passenger prepare shopping lists and suggest routes for a particular destination and more.  A smart car displayed by Toyota could recognise the passenger by facial recognition technology and even determine the mood of the passenger to suggest destinations depending on the mood. Also, the car can alert the driver about obstacles on the path, perils on the road using lights and sounds. The best part is that such smart automobiles can alert the driver if he is sleepy and take control of the vehicle to prevent accidents. A car named Oasis could hold a conversation with the passenger and convert the windshield into a screen for display!

The bottom line:

All these developments are aimed at giving the rider a seamless experience and comfort. However, it is true that developments in automobile technology can potentially result be hacked and manipulated which need to be taken care of.

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