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Healthcare Software Development

Velvetech ramp up highly qualified teams within one or two weeks to deliver custom eHealth applications that respond effectively to the challenges that healthcare companies are facing today.enterprise software solutions

The Blockchain and mHealth Solutions

For coordinating the exchange of patient records between private blockchains, Velvetech experience extends as far as the development of custom blockchain-based EHR solutions and includes smart contracts development. With data immutability and traceability, it makes blockchain in healthcare a solid long-term investment. There is no wonder that tech pioneers from various industries are searching high and low for ways to implement blockchain solutions into business operations. Health care is one of these industries where blockchain implementation is a welcome change. A recent survey revealed that 19 percent of responding hospital executives and 76 percent of payers were either planning to deploy or were already implementing some blockchain systems, according to the survey by Black Book. 56 percent out of 200 healthcare executives will have blockchains in production and at a scale between 2018 and 2020 which is according to an IBM Institute for Business Value’s report.

Some large-scale partnerships take place to research the benefits of blockchain in healthcare and a good example of this is a  joint initiative between FDA and IBM Watson Health that began in 2017 to use blockchain innovation for enhancing general wellbeing. With a Health solution being the heart and soul of a project, every other healthcare solution developed is either mobile-enabled or mobile-focused. The Velvetech team will help you develop healthcare software development mobile apps that add value to your business from care coordination up to remote diagnostics.

What Velvetech Can Offer

Velvetech can quickly identify the unique needs of a healthcare business and provide a spot-on solution.

  • Cross-disciplinary expertise
  • An impressive cost-to-value ratio
  • And flexible engagement models

The Value-Driven Healthcare Developmententerprise software solutions

Specialists in Velvetech are experienced in Healthcare Messaging Standards used by medical institutions and insurance companies. The company enables the clients to exchange HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) EDI-X12 transactions within events like patient admission and billing that trigger HL7 messages between enterprise applications. The company also helps clients to implement HL7 interface engines that allow integrating HIEs, EHRs, and many other Health Information Technology platforms using standards like FHIR, CDA, HL7, DICOM and more.

The Internet of Medical Things

Velvetech designs and develops end-to-end IoT-based solutions that produce new revenue streams for your company and improve operational efficiencies. By applying the hands-on experience, the company ensures your success with an implementing distributed networking solutions integrated with smart sensors.

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