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The latest Gen-3 Night Vision Scope:explore the unconditioned possibilities



latest Gen-3 Night Vision Scope

Night-vision goggles aren’t strange to u. We have seen it and heard about it in connection with soldiers, sailors, and pilots. But night vision is important not just to them. It can be a necessity even to people who like night-times and enjoy exploring nights. Let it be hunting, observing nocturnal creatures, night-walks or even security patrols, a night-vision goggle is your best companion.

Night-vision scopes or night-vision riflescopes are small optical devices that can act like night-vision goggles but are designed especially for mounting on rifles-like weapons. Digital night vision scopes are hence one of the most useful gadgets for a hunter at night. But when it comes to purchasing one, countless products are there, differing in functionality, effectiveness and quality. There are different versions, like Gen 1 to Gen 3, depending upon the technology used. An informed decision is always your savior here. Our gen 3 night vision scope reviews can help you here. in our reviews, we do the research, so you don’t have to.

night-vision riflescopes

 If you are into buying night-vision scope, our gen 3 night vision scope reviews will definitely be the one-stop solution for all your need to research on. When it comes to night-vision-scope, ATN is almost the standard. Mars is one new entry into the ATN line up of night-vision scopes. Equipped with Gen 3 technology,The Mars offers the same ATN quality and dependability. Armed with 450mW Infrared Illuminator the Mars offers a dual-colored illuminator that comes with choice between red or amber colors for the illuminated reticle.

Specially designed for the purpose, the mount on this riflescope permits precise elevation adjustments. It gives precision of 120 Minute of Angle (MOA) windage. Offering 4x magnification with a resolution of 64-72 lines per mm, Mars is at par with industry standards. Mars has a field of view of 9 degrees with a minimum of 10m focus range.

Built quality and superior precision always define the ATM night-vision scopes. The Mars is no difference. Made up of aerospace quality aluminium with titanium inserts Mars is ahead of its competitors. Mars has a heavy glass computer aided design complemented by the successful Pro Shield lens-coating. Added to these is the 45 mm eye relief for optimum functioning. an added surprise is the tactical digital remote control for effortless operation.

The 66-feet-1-hour water-proof design with fog-proof built makes this device trouble-free in all conditions. So, you can take it to explore those extra miles at night. Since the battery housing is generic it can take 1 AA battery or 1 Lithium (CR 123A) battery. So your preference is the first priority here. You can use a battery for up to 55 hours.

Armasight offers a close alternative with Armasight CO-Mini GEN 3+ Alpha riglescope. The gen 3+ technology with Alpha image intensifier tube is an added benefit for this device. This device comes with different detachable illuminators with a manual gain control over image brightness. It is swappable between day-night riflescopes. But this is only second to the ATM counterpart.

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