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The Psychological Meaning of Our Eye Color



It is quite fascinating how people have different eye colors. Most people say that eye colors are more of decoration and are not really that important. There are also studies that prove that each eye color corresponds to a certain disease that a person may have.

However, there are also studies that prove that each eye color corresponds to a certain personality. People with the same eye color had been observed to have similar traits and attitude. Here are some of the common eye color and its psychological meaning.

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes had been known to be sensitive and kind. They can be tough but they are really soft on the inside. They are humble yet confident. They are simple, lovable and joyful. They also want their loved ones to feel loved and happy. These people are less likely to smoke, get drunk and to have vices or addition.

Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are people who are capable of tolerating a physical and emotional pain for a long time. They are born to endure. They can last for hours in an uncomfortable position without any sign of pain in their facial expressions. They also have good stamina and willpower.

Black Eyes

People with black eyes are known to really secretive. They can keep their own secrets to the grave. Another person’s secret is treated similarly. They can also keep other people’s secret that is why they are very trustworthy. They are also responsible and reliable to the people around them. They may look serious but they can also be wildly crazy if they want to.

Gray Eyes

People with gray eyes are known to frequently have an internal emotional war. They are indecisive but always makes the best decisions. They also have a strong personality that makes them a leader. They are also controlling and does not like to be controlled by others.

However, this is not always the case. Every individual is still different from one another regardless of the eye color. It is just a fact that shows that a certain trait is normal for a person with that certain eye color. It is always up to the person whether he will harness or alter a certain attitude or trait that he has. The true eye color may not be easily seen by the naked eye. To get a better look on your real eye color, have an ophthalmologist use an eye microscope for your eye examination.


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