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Things That You Can Easily Do With a Router



Things That You Can Easily Do With a Router

A router is a device or a power tool that is used to hollow out a specific area in a piece of wood, plastic, or metal. It is also used to cut and design edges, grooves, patterns, and used for cabinetry and decorative moldings as well. The device consists of a spindle which is driven by an electric motor that can be used with hundreds of router bits that are available. This is why most of the carpenters and woodworkers consider the router as the most versatile woodworking tool.

You can find two types of routers available one a fixed base router and the other a plunge base router. The fixed base router enables the users to fix a cut depth which can extend the router bit lower than the router base. The plunge base router just like the fix base router allows you to fix a cut depth but you need to plunge the bit inside your cut while the base of the routerrests flat on the surface of the material.

Having both the types of routers will give you a lot more variety in your projects. However, if you’re into small and simple projects then you might select the plunge base router because you’ll have more options and you can even lock the plunge base router to use it like a fixed base router. If you want to own a router you can have the large routers compared online in various websites and then get yourself one.

large routers compared

If you’re still skeptical about buying a router, here are some of its uses that could make you change your mind:

Create round edges

If you’re into carpentry and deal with making tables, benches, and nightstands then you must be knowing that rounded edges look aesthetically more pleasing and appealing than the straight and sharp edges. You can easily make the sharp edges round by the help of a router, all you need to is attach a router bit, set its depth and run it along the edge of the wood and within no time you will get rounded edges.

Bevel a frame

You can create great wooden picture frames having beveled edges by using a router. There are various online sources and videos available that can teach you how to design a picture frame using a router. Pick one that you like the most and then use your router to shape the outer and the inner edges of the frame and there you have your beveled picture frame ready.

Make a cutting board

A router can help you in quickly making a cutting board with just a rectangular piece of wood. You can start off by rounding the edges of the wood and then you can finish the cutting board by hollowing out a groove two or three inches away from the edge and continuing it all the way around.

These are some of the best uses of a router, and if you want to buy a router it’s recommended that you get the large routers compared so that you can get the best router.

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