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Tips to Prevent Eye Strain While Watching TV




If you’re a movie enthusiast, binge-watching is not a new thing for you. You have to be aware though that watching too much can do your body harm. It’s time that you watch responsibly and healthily. To do this, you need to consider factors like sleep deprivation, overeating, and eye strain. Remember that binge-watching is the practice of watching several movies in one sitting through DVD or 123moviespower.

When you tackle sleep deprivation, it’s crucial that you set a sleeping time and stick to it no matter what happens. As soon as you established a sleeping time, turn off the TV screen 30 minutes before going to bed. This will lead to a good, peaceful sleep. When you tackle overeating, it’s important that you avoid salty and oily foods. Make sure that you prepare your meals or snacks before watching. You don’t want to start a movie and then interrupt it by getting snacks.

When tackling eye strain, you should consider the following tips:

Keep the lights on


You love to nestle in your couch without lights because you want a theater-like experience. However, you need to be aware that this practice is bad for the eyes. The best thing to do is to keep the lights on so that the eyes do not get tired.

Take frequent breaks

It’s easy to glue your eyes to the TV for hours, especially if the scenes are engrossing. However, this can lead to eye strain. To prevent eye strain, you need to blink often. If there is commercial, get up and do anything from walking around to stretching and push-ups, even for few minutes. If there is no commercial, you need to pause it frequently for breaks.

Dim the screen

TV screens emit HEV (High Energy Visible) wavelengths. It can cause eye strain plus it can damage the retina over time. To prevent it from happening, you need to dim the screen or lower its brightness. Dial down the setting and make sure that you have anti-glare filters or screens.

Maintain distance

Another thing to consider when tackling eye strain is maintaining a safe distance. When watching, you should be at least eight to ten feet away from the TV. The screen should be at the correct height – eye level or below it. Never look up at it because it can strain the eye.

Relieve the strain

If your eyes feel strained, there are things that you can consider to make them feel better. The first thing that you should do is gently massage your eyes. Apart from that, you should also apply a hot compress. More importantly, sleep at least eight hours a day to rest your eyes.

You can have a healthy binge-watching experience at home if you take the right precautions. Having healthy snacks as well as drinking plenty of water are simple ways of staying healthy. You also need to take care of your eyes; if your eyesight goes, is there any point in watching 123moviespower?

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