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Tips When Choosing Wooden Baseball Bats



Tips When Choosing Wooden Baseball Bats

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a traditional wooden baseball bat. Swinging a wooden bat is beneficial in more ways than one. It can increase the strength of the player, and it can even assist in improving hand-eye coordination to increase batting averages.

However, do note that there are still areas of concern before picking up any wooden bat on the market. Today, we’re going to talk about some things to consider in choosing the right wooden baseball bat for you or the player who’s going to use the sports equipment.

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Which Wood Would You Prefer?

Baseball is an evolving sport, but it doesn’t mean that you should disregard the beauty and durability of hard wood when selecting a baseball bat. The four most popular choices of wooden bats as of late are maple, birch, bamboo, and ash. Maple baseball bats are dense they feature a tight grain construction. Birch baseball bats are an ideal choice for players switching from aluminum bats to wood due to its reasonable strength and tight grain structure. Bamboo bats, on the other hand, are quite unique because of their construction, but they are high in density and highly durable. As for ash bats, these models are known for their great flex and lightweight constructions.

The Right Weight and Length

The measurements of the bat will greatly affect the performance of anyone wielding it. If the bat is too long, then it could add unnecessary weight to the swing. On the contrary, if the bat is too short then the player cuts their ability to hit outside pitches. Regarding the aspect of weight, heavier bats require more power in your swing, but, when used correctly, it can deliver that winning home run for the team. On the offhand, a lighter bat will give you more speed, which might be essential for players who just want to assure themselves that they always hit the ball.

Size Charts

If you’re unsure what length and weight to get for your batting needs, or if you’re going to give the baseball bat as a present, then you can take a look at some size charts. These charts will give you an idea on the right length and weight of the sports equipment for your needs. It’s essential to look at these tables if you’re going to buy the bat from an online store, or if you want to surprise a baseball enthusiast by giving them their own bat.

Remember, choosing a baseball bat is very much like selecting an NBA 2K18 locker; pick the wrong one, and it can inhibit you from playing your best.

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