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Top 3 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling



You’ve probably decided to sell your home, but that was more than a few months ago. Some sellers would even find themselves waiting for the right buyer for years. If you’re scratching your head in wonder while asking yourself, “Why aren’t they biting at my offers,” then we’re here to give you a proper explanation as to why this is happening to you.

There are many possible reasons as to why your home may not be selling to any potential buyer. We’ve listed down the top 3 reasons as to why you’re residential property isn’t selling and what you should do to get the attention of your targeted audience.

“What’s That Funny Smell?”

 There’s an old adage shared among many real estate agents, and it goes something like “If I smell, then I can’t sell it.” Most people won’t even be bothered by any funky smell emanating from somewhere in their property because they’re already attuned to that scent. However, once a prospective buyer walks into your doors and their faces suddenly turn sour or they immediately cover their noses, then you already know what’s the problem as to why you can’t sell the property. One solution to this predicament is to bombard the home with scented candles or make freshly-baked cookies to mask the smell. If the bad odor is persistent, then take care of it immediately before inviting any prospects over to check out your home.

“Do You Still Use That?”

 Some homeowners like to sell their homes fully furnished and complete with all appliances. There are some prospective buyers that are looking for a home with all the furniture and appliances in it as it takes away all the hassles of buying new equipment. However, if your appliances are obsolete or perhaps your furniture would do well sitting in a garbage dump, then they’re not suitable to be seen in a home viewing scenario. Perhaps the most obvious solution here is to update your appliances and furniture first before you even try to sell your house.

“It’ll Sell… Eventually.”

Perhaps the primary reason why many homeowners can’t sell their houses is that of overconfidence. You may have put a steep price on your home (even if it doesn’t deserve such a hefty price tag) and say to yourself that the perfect buyer will come knocking on your door “soon.” However, that “soon” might not be in the near future. Always be realistic in setting your expectations when selling your home. Make sure to market your property accordingly and with the right price.

If you still find yourself stuck in a rut as to why your house can’t sell, then you may need the assistance of real estate experts. Check out for more information.


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