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Top Three Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following 



If your Instagram following still has the same number of followers when you first signed up then you’re not doing a good job. Even if you managed to get a handful of new followers every week, it’s still not good enough. Bear in mind the number of active users on Instagram as of April 2017 reached 700 million users. If you’re not able to reach even .1% of it then you might as well delete your account.

Yet you don’t have to go as far as closing your Instagram account. At the same time, you don’t need to part with your money to ask someone else to do it. In fact, you can grow Instagram followers organically. Here are three ways for you to do it.

Devise your plan of action

As they say, no one plans to fail. Yet a lot of people fail because they don’t plan ahead. It’s not a good idea to be all over the place and trying every trick you’ve heard. Bear in mind, only a handful of these might work to your advantage depending on your specific niche or product. At the same time, you wouldn’t know which one worked. So, how can you repeat it next time?

Always Use Hashtags

Hashtags are your lifeline. Keep this in mind before you post anything on Instagram. Consider what hashtags are popular. Afterward, determine which ones will work for you. Avoid the temptation to use a popular one yet it has nothing to do with your niche. Doing so is a surefire way to turn off potential followers. Chances are it might even cost you a few existing ones as well. So, choose wisely. Remember, you can use up to 30.

Likewise, check out branded hashtags in your niche. Perhaps you can get a tip or two on how to create your own branded hashtag.

Seek a Balance Between Consistency and Variety

While these two ideas might be on opposite sides of the pole, it’s important to strike a balance between them. Consistency gives your brand an identity. When people see it, they’ll know at once it’s you and what you have to offer. Yet if you give them the same things every time it gets boring. So, what do you do? Spice it up with a bit of variety. Consider daily themes. Share a short video. Do a live Instagram feed.

Remember it’s all about catching people’s attention and keeping them interested. If you dint have enough time to do all these things you can hire Social Media Marketing Company Manchester who can grow your followers organically. Not only they can grow your followers but also will manage content marketing campaign for their clients.

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