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What are the Ways to install safes in homes?



Nowadays home safes are a very essential thing to keep your valuable things. There are different home safes with traditional lock models and digital models with enhanced security. In digital safes, they have many authentication methods like numerical codes, passwords, security tokens like smart cards, radio frequency identification using radio waves, and biometric sensors. There are size variants in home safes according to customer use. Most of the home safes can hold the weight up to 100 kg. The home safes should be fireproof. You should place home safes in the corner with two exterior walls on its side to provide extra safety during fire accidents and also keeping in the first floor will help to prevent heating problems. You should keep the safe in such a way so that it has burglar resistance, fire resistance, environment resistance, and smart secure facilities. There are tools which help to install it in your homes. The list comes here:

Driller to drill the holes for installation

  • Socket set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Marker pen
  • Fixing gear
  • Locking bolts

Below are the steps which tell you how to install a safe in your house:

  • Hidden areas will help them hide from the view. Under-floor safes provide high-level security.
  • The installation area is free from electric cables and pipe fittings.
  • Check with the building plan so that you can detect the bearing capacity of high weight safes in the selected area.
  • Choose the concrete floors over wooden floors because the latter ones need prime time for installation and not durable as well.
  • The installation must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Safes can be wall-mounted, floor fixed, and underground fixed. Among these, floors fixed are easy to fix with pre-drilled holes with expansion bolts.
  • Wall mounting provides fair protection when compared to floor and underground fitted safes.

By following all the above instructions, installation of home safe becomes easier and provides top security for the people to lead a peaceful life.

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