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What is Online Examination System?



Any kind of education is learning and is very much necessary for man to developthemsocially and intellectually.A person’s learning capability will be judged by examinations.These exams are mandatory in schools, colleges, universities and even for job recruitments.Nowadays the regular paper-pen test is shifting to online examinations. It is a new method of conducting exams through theinternet.

Online examinations are also called as e-examinations. A candidate from aremote place also can write the exam. Some exams will give the results instantly after completing the exam itself.Today many organizationsprefer online exams to thetraditional way of exams.

Online examinations are fully automated. It will save a lot of time and can give results quickly.Answers can be efficiently evaluated. They are conducted using a web-based software or through an intranet. All instructions will be displayed before the exam begins. There will be no need for constant monitoring or supervision while conducting the exam.

Online examinations have ahigh level of transparency when compared to theold traditional method of exams. There will be no need to compromise in paper evaluations as they cannot be influenced. An exam taker can get their results immediately in most of the online exams. As there is no chance of overlooks or mistakes in apaper correction the results are very accurate. There is no scope for human errors.

Online exams have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The major advantage of online exams is even remote candidates can also attempt. Evaluation can be either automated or manual depending on the type of questions and the requirement.  Answers for MCQs can be evaluated automatically while essay type answers can be evaluated manually.Paperwork or printing question papersare not required. Cost of conducting the exam will be less when compared to thetraditional exam.To conduct these exams each candidate must need a system like a computer or a tab. High-speed internet is also required.

Bottom Line

Online examinations trend is fast expanding nowadays. Candidates who are accustomed to pen-paper type of exam may find little difficulty in attempting these types of exams initially. It will be even tough to conduct online exam for a large number of students at a time and it requires good gadgets also.

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