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What is the best glass to serve scotch?



Hosting a dinner? Serving scotch?

Planning the menu for food is essential. It is equally important to plan the menu for drinks too.

While serving food, we use bowls for soups, half plates for starters, little cups for dips, full-plate for the main course, ramekins for frozen desserts, etc.

Similarly, different drinks require different types of glasses like:

  • Tall and thin glasses are for cocktails.
  • rock glass is perfect for serving scotch or whiskey.
  • Sparkling wine and champagne are served in dainty flute glasses.
  • A stem glass with a wide-mouth and small rim is ideal for serving wine.
  • Pint/pilsner glasses are for beer.

Now let us understand why a rock glass is perfect for serving scotch.

People generally drink for fun and relaxation. Scotch/whiskey is the most preferred drink at most parties. The other popular drinks are beer and wine.

Typically, a drink should be visually appealing and savored at a slow pace. The glass should be elegant and classy. It should be clear and comfortable to hold.

The old fashioned short and stout rock glasses having a thick wall, circular rim, and a solid base are perfect for serving whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, and rum on the rocks along with huge chunks of ice. These glasses create a superb combination of taste and smell. The sturdy-looking high-quality clear crystal glass adds style and enables a broader flow of liquid onto the palate promising a full spectrum of flavor.

There are many available in the market with attractive and competitive offers. So, what are you still waiting for?

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