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What You Need To Know About ImmiTranslate



Know About ImmiTranslate

If you need to have your documents translated, Immitranslate is the document translator firm that you need to contact. It can be any document; birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, and so much more. ImmiTranslate is the number one immigration translation company. They are 100% guaranteed that your documents will be accepted by the USCIScor United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

fastest translation company

            ImmiTranslate is the fastest translation company today. They have the lowest prices and the fastest turnaround, especially with birth certificate translation. They never use computer programs. They have human translation staff who are the best in this industry and have also been recognized. There’s no need to worry about your document’s privacy. Here at ImmiTranslate, you are sure with the translated documents, or if not, they offer a money back guarantee.

The Cheapest: $25 per Page.

            At ImmiTranslate, they have the lowest charge for translations per page. For just $25; you will have your documents certified by a Professional Translator. You are 100% that your documents will be accepted by the USCIS. If you want to have the documents right away, you can have it sent to your email address. If in any case that you need to have your documents notarized, no problem! ImmiTranslate can have it processed for you.

            The $25 per page, that would be a total of 250 words or less, including numbers. It can be one-sided, as well as letter-sized with 8.5” X 11”, or an A4 dimension, or it can be smaller. Any excess of 250 words per page would be considered an additional page and will be priced accordingly which is the same rate that is $25 for 250 words.

The Fast Turnaround of ImmiTranslate

         ImmiTranslate is known for its fast turnaround. For Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Russian, one to three pages with less than 750 words is guaranteed 24 hours turnaround. 4 to 8 pages of 750 to 2000 words, you can get your translation in 48 hours. For more than 9 pages with 2000 words or more, as well as for any other languages aside from the ones mentioned above, you can request a quote online.

The Mode of Payment

            With ImmiTranslate, payment is easy. You can use any major credit or debit card including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you are not comfortable with using your debit or credit card, you can also use PayPal for a safer and easier way to pay for your requested translation of documents.

The Money Back Guarantee

          ImmiTranslate can assure you that your documents will be accepted by the USCIS. But to give you an assurance, the translations are accepted by any government agency who requires a certified translation of documents. But if in any case that your translation is not accepted by the USCIS for any reason, a refund of your money spent on the translation can absolutely be processed.

No need to look further! With ImmiTranslate, there’s no more hassle in having your documents translated. With just a couple clicks on your computer, you can easily have your documents translated and receive it in no time. With ImmiTranslate, you are sure to get faster and reliable translations of your important documents.

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