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You Can Face when Filing for Family-Based Immigration



One of the most common ways, in order to obtain a green card or legal permanent residence, is through a family member. However, even if you are eligible or anyone in your family is in the US, other roadblocks can somehow still hold you back. Therefore, it is very important to seek an advice of a New Mexico immigration lawyer in order to identify some disastrous pitfalls much before time.

Always remember, these immigration hurdles can really hold you back from getting a green card- even if you get qualify through any other family member.

We have listed a few common roadblocks that you or any other prospective immigrant might face when filing for a family-based immigration.

Undocumented Living in the United States

New Mexico immigration law tends to pose a number of challenges especially for undocumented immigrants who are seeking for the legal status. In case you have resided in the US having a valid status- whether you entered without permission or landed in on a visa that has already expired, then you may need to overcome some additional roadblocks in getting a green card through a family member. It is very important for you to enlist the help of a well-qualified immigration lawyer in these cases.

If you have a criminal history

The immigration law in the US is quite harsh when it comes to crime. Even if you have never been arrested or convicted in crime, you can still somehow face such roadblocks if you admitted to committing some sort of crimes, of in case the government has a reason to believe that you might have committed some serious crimes

If you have insufficient financial means

Potential immigrants must try to demonstrate that they will not become dependent on the government or even the public assistance. However, there are a few exceptions for those who are seeking for a green card through a relative, and then they must file a document known as an affidavit of support from the member of the sponsoring family. This document must provide the judge with information that the sponsor will be financially responsible for you in case you need to be dependent.

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