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Easy Strategies to Earn RS Gold



Easy Strategies to Earn RS Gold

They say money makes the world go round and this is true even in the online gaming world. Runescape is an online multi-player game created about 10 years ago which has gamers hooked to it. In this game, players are aimed at gaining gold which can be used to buy bonds, among others. This can be done without shelling out real dime. Other players even buy runescape gold from those who have lots. If you are a gamer and you wish to get more gold, read on and learn some strategies.

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Chickens, Hill Giants and Wizards

For those who are just starting out with the game, low-level monsters like chickens are the best way to begin. These animals do little damage, earn you larger profits and even strengthen your combat skills. You will usually encounter the chickens during training and you can collect the feathers which are actually valuable especially when you need arrows.  If you aren’t into chickens, you can move on to cows and hill giants. Beef and cow hides are usually in demand. So are wizard robes and talismans which you can sell in the Grand Exchange. Once you have reached a higher combat level, you will most likely encounter the hill giants. They drop loots like gems, bones and herbs that you can sell for a large profit.

Dark Wizards, Moss Giants and Demons

If you have reached around level 40, you’ll find plenty of hobgoblins and dark wizards lurking in the tower. Expect them to drop half-keys, gems, herbs, runes, blood and laws which you can also sell at the Grand Exchange for a big amount. At this level, you may need to be extra careful as these creatures can become pretty aggressive toward game characters. Compared to hill giants, moss giants have better and stronger drops. You can level up your skills at this point as these creatures are weak to slash attacks. The Greater Demon can be fought if you have around 80 combat experience. You have to be prepared though if you wish to defeat these demons as they are using magic and have greater accuracy.

Making lots of gold in Runescape can earn you a high title and skill. You can even sell it to those who want to buy runescape gold. Several monsters and creatures can give you greater loot which you can use to sell in the Grand Exchange. With constant practice, you’ll soon have profitable endeavors.

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