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Learn how to clean a silicone bong properly




Most people know there’s a right way to clean your typical glass pipe, but there are also many ways to properly clean a silicone bong. Did you know that you can also wash it in the dishwasher? Or if you need to sterilize your bong, it will only take 10 minutes in boiling water? Regardless of how you decide to do it, cleaning your favourite smoking equipment is essential for maintaining its function and safety. Learn to clean silicone bong here


When you choose to clean a silicone bong, you should consider the following factors:


Material: Silicone, like rubber, is non-porous and resistant to chemicals. However, it can be damaged by prolonged exposure to acids and alkalis.


Price: While silicone bongs are inexpensive (ranging from $10 to $50), they are far more expensive than glass or metal. This is why cleaning them often costs extra money you might not have if it weren’t for your silicone bong.


Durability: As mentioned before, silicone is durable and resistant to damage from acids and solvents, but glass can last for thousands of years if properly maintained.


Commonly Used Materials: Silicone and glass are the most widely used materials for bongs. However, metal may also be used for smoking.


Bongs can be cleaned with the proper accessories and materials.  This applies to both silicone and glass bongs. Understanding how to clean them is essential to avoid any frustration that may arise from dirty bongs or poor cleaning results. Here are some tips on how to properly clean your glass or silicone smoking device.


bong pipes

Aside from regular cleaning, you will want to perform a series of cleaning procedures before and after you smoke. These will keep your bong clean and safe, ensuring years of continued use.


Ensure that the area where you plan to clean your bong is dry, as moisture can wreak havoc on your silicone tubing. Remove the bowl and downstem from the main tube of the bong (see diagram) and rinse them with cool water to eliminate any debris or leftover residue. If there is any resin buildup, you can brush it away with an old toothbrush. Turn the bong upside down and rinse the bowl using cool running water. The same can be done for the downstem. If left in the bong too long, the resin can become varnish-like, creating a sticky mess.


Cleaning silicone is much more complicated than glass, though it is still possible to do so safely. Although it is unlikely that your silicone bong will break from cleaning it, you must take proper steps to avoid causing damage. Here are some tips on how to clean your silicone smoking device:

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